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Hangzhou Goke  Sheet Metal Co., Ltd. is located in the watch world-renowned resorts - Hangzhou. Is a research and development, production, management and other kitchen utensils in one specialization, modernization, and new high-tech companies. Now has first-class leadership and technical backbone, one after another at home and abroad to introduce advanced production technology, production equipment and production technology to produce high-grade environment-friendly, durable and easy to clean stainless steel and many other advantages of the product. Production and supply in all aspects of products have strict quality management system to ensure the stability of various types of product quality.

The main products are stainless steel cabinet series, stainless steel decoration series, series such as sheet metal machinery product lines. At present, products have been sold all over the country, there are in Harbin, Dalian, Shanghai, Nanjing, Nanchang, and many other cities, at the same time products are sold to foreign markets. To high-quality product quality, cost-effective prices, full market access to the variety of certification, has been the favorite of different clients.

Products of stainless steel kitchen cabinets rugged, easy to clean, practical, green environmental protection. Trends from the fashion, stainless steel kitchen cabinets to display its high-end, fashion, the other side of environmental protection. Simple kitchen design, the kitchen of your life with exquisite! And the Company for the favorite according to different customers, tailor-made to allow the installation of cabinets to minimize the error, so that the whole cabinet is more beautiful, more useful.

Intentions of each company to create a kitchen space to display the charm of modern style kitchen. Welcome home and abroad to contact with the order.
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